FAQs for Digital Stamps

How to PRINT your digital Images TOP

The best thing about digital files is that you don’t need fancy equipment or expensive software to work with them. You will need some sort of photo processing or editing system to resize and print though. You can use free programs already installed on your computer, like MS Word and Paint, or you can get a little fancier and get something like Adobe Photoshop Elements to help you branch out. If this is new, start with Word if that is already installed on your computer.

Follow these steps to open, resize, and print a digital stamp in MS Word.
1. Open a new file in Word

2. Go to the menu bar and click INSERT, then PICTURE, then FROM FILE (if you saved your image to the Tiddly Inks folder on your desktop, find your image there).

3. Click on the image once it's in Word -- it will highlight and you can grab a corner (hold Shift down so your image doesn't distort) to resize it. You can also right click on the image and FORMAT it there. A menu will come up with many different options.

4. Once your image is sized correctly, you can PRINT! If you wish to print multiple items at one time, just repeat the steps until you have all your images on the page.

5. COLOR! :) CREATE! :) Have fun.

What is the difference between digital and clear stamps? TOP
Hmmmm, let’s see. Both digital and clear stamps will allow you to create something lovely, but I like digital stamps for their printability, affordability, portability, flipability and sizability...:) They store easily and you can create different artwork since you can color them traditionally or digitally...watch out though, they are still addictive.

If you are new to digital downloads, I suggest reading HERE to help you decide how to save your digitals and work with your files. (In short, keep a FOLDER on your desktop for Tiddly Inks stamps and back them up on a memory stick or CD.)
I like the image quality that clear stamps create and there is something about holding a stamp in your hand to ink. It take skills...hehe Plus, you can do things with stamps that you can't do with digitals, like create art journal pages and stamp on surfaces...
So, you get the best of both worlds...some prefer digital stamps to print; some prefer physical stamps.

Want some Printing Tips?  TOP
Digitals can be handled just like regular stamps once they are printed...the trick is to make sure the ink sets properly prior to coloring. I happen to use an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Ink Jet and the ink never runs...I can color right away. Most printers should do just fine with a little tip: heat set your ink with your dryer or heart gun prior to coloring with markers or Copics. That should prevent the smudging that can occur with some ink jets.

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